DSCF8005 - Copie pour image de couverture fusionné

If you are looking for a high quality bonsai tree then visit Bonsai Dream and peruse the trees that are available for sale, they are superb. It is run by Laurent DELAITRE and the site is in both French and English for ease of understanding but the images speak for themselves.

If you are looking for that special bonsai you can put in a request for a specific tree species like the ones in the above photographs. Just fill in what size and price range you are interested in and Laurent will contact you to discuss in more detail your requirements. There is more information on the website regarding what species are available for import as well as the styles and size classes.

These are some more of the bonsai trees for sale and the website will be updated regularly with new trees that are available.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter for monthly updates as the new trees are soon ready to be imported from Japan.

Happy bonsai shopping