Wow, what an autumnal delight today’s bonsai trees were at the 7th Heathrow Bonsai Show. It was a fabulous and fun event with over 30 bonsai clubs and societies displaying over 300 trees and over 400 visitors to admire them.

The work involved in organizing and running a bonsai event of this scale is no mean feat and takes time, planning, organization and dedication, and the results of which were clearly demonstrated today. The show was an overall resounding success and thanks to all those involved in making the show possible and by supporting the show. A big thank you also goes to Mark and Ming Moreland for their continued energy and passion for promoting bonsai as a hobby for everyone.


The newly selected venue was excellent, there was so much more space allowing for a lot more societies and groups to gather under one roof for a day of high energy discussions in a very friendly atmosphere. It was so easy for each club to set up their bonsai displays on the pre-set up tables that were already clothed with back drops, so thank you to all those who were involved in the set up and also the take down.


One of the elements of the show that works incredibly well beyond that of being bringing together so many bonsai enthusiasts is the opportunity to spend time viewing and assessing the trees, if only to select your favorite three trees. It was great fun wandering around talking to everyone and deciding which trees caught your eye and discussing why they did before making your final selection to add to the overall vote for the favorite trees in show.

In addition to being well supported by the existing bonsai community at large, a high level of attendance was seen from the general public. They had the opportunity to not only view some amazing bonsai trees on display but also start the hobby themselves by buying their first bonsai from a wide range of bonsai traders who also supported the show.

Here are some more images from the day which also included a new talent competition, a raffle in aid of charity, bonsai demonstrations as well as a stunning Japanese Bonsai pot display to name a few of the additional elements of the show. It is great that there are so many people in bonsai who are keen to continue to put such passion into the hobby so that shows can grow and develop into such great bonsai events like today.