This is a brief outline of the Arihato award which is one of the awards at our forth coming Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 26th February 2017. The incredible root stand is hand made and hand carved by Kit Bowns, a Swindon Club Member. Here is the background to the award from Kit himself.

I have eventually put all the elements together for the Arihato Award. Thanks to Paul Bowerbank for the base stand and continued encouragement despite my inability to finish anything and Timpsons for the engraved plaque.

This award is in memory of Arihato Anand, a dedicated small, larch tree specialist, from Holland. He travelled to his spiritual destination this time 2015 and is missed by many: family, friends, Wee Trees forum members and many, many other people his life touched. This award is for the best small tree in my opinion and I will be judging the award on Sunday 26th February at the Swindon Winter Image Show 2017.

2nd place, KB Pea Shrub

As those of you me know I like unusual so the tree that wins might not be the most convential or even what others consider to be the best executed. I will be taking into account size, pot, health and originality – do not neccessarily expect the beautiful formal upright to win – it might or  might not. 🙂 Size is definitely important (despite what you have been told).

Shohin and smaller is what I shall be considering on the day. It is an award you keep and not returned. I hope to be doing the same for future years. Last year was a bronze and this year will be a root stand I have been making over the last few years. Enough talk, here it is:


Swindon Winter Image Show 2017

Best Small Tree

(Note: the stand is currently being oiled and should be less shiny by the time of the show. Overall height is 32cm.)