Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

If you have not been to Blenheim Palace then add it to your visits this year, as it is a stunning place to go and have a fun day out with all the family and see trees. I recently went on a day out there with a friend for cream tea but got a chance to wander round the amazing grounds again as well as the Palace for the first time. I also got to check out the superb ancient and veteran trees for some bonsai inspiration. They are sculptured by time, weather, wildlife and man giving them so much character and amazing shapes they are a wonder to stand near and marvel at what they have lived through and continue to live through. Despite being there during a severe down pour and getting soaked through it was still great to walk around admiring nature and the living giants of the tree world here in Oxfordshire. So whatever the weather go out and find these ancient trees and see how you could use them to inspire your bonsai creations.