One thing that caught my eye in some cases more than the tree was the bonsai pot whilst viewing bonsai in China. Some Chinese pots are certainly colourful and flamboyant and eye catching and hard to miss. I know a little of the history behind the ceramics of China and while researching I came across a great brief guide to pot terminology which is worth a look on Saruyama Bonsai. I also found an interesting article by Peter Tea Bonsai on a particular green Chinese Bonsai pot that he enjoyed.

For interest, as often a more conservative pot is selected in the UK but in some circumstances a more striking pot works well too regardless of size.

Furthermore, there is a good article on Bonsai Empire that explores the history of Bonsai in both China and Japan that is worth a read too. Just in case though you are having withdrawals from not seeing Japanese pots, check out the Japanese Bonsai Pots blog as there are some exquisite pots to view there too.