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Sale of trees at Woodbury Salerton Village Hall, near Exeter on Sunday 14th May.

Viewing from 10:00. Auction sale from 2 pm. Bring a pen.

Parking is limited, so be prepared to park on the street, away from the hall.

This notice includes a list and pictures of the trees. To see, click on” click here to view tree album”. Likewise on the att showing the list. It may be possible to hilight and print the list. The pictures and list are being sent with this message to Society reps. Experts may be able to forward to other members. Otherwise please tell members to email exeside2@gmail.com with the simple message ‘send trees’. The list and pics will be sent by return. If bigger pics of any particular trees are required, a new pic will be taken and sent, but it will be a much bigger file so don’t ask for more than one or two. All the trees are numbered in the pics. You may be told that the list can’t be opened. Yes it can – click ‘yes’ when asked if you wish to ‘recover’ info. Owing to the parking problems, buyers must be very patient at the end of the sale. Anyone buying just one or two smaller trees may settle during the sale and carry their prizes to their car. Payment by cash or cheque with credit card details to J S STUART, no card payment facility.

Recommend bringing your own lunch. Any questions to the above email address. Briefly, M5 exit 30, A376 Sidmouth, 1st right after garden centre.

See the trees up front here

Bonsai collection

J Stuart’s trees
All heights include pot.

1. Acer 2 trunk. 16″ Air-layered from nursery stock imported pot.
2. Acer 21″, Var unknown, purchased 12 yrs, Stuart pot
3. Alder 23″, collected Wales 10 yrs ? Vigorous. Imported pot
4. Ashes 21″, collected, Stuart pot
5. Azalea indica 21″, purchased, pot also (Yew tree), flowers well, repotted Feb ’17
6. Beech, 29″, collected, needs repotting
7. Beech group, 28″, collected 20 yrs, imported pot
8. Berberis 10″, purchased, imported pot
9. Blue Cedar 20″, imported pot. Must be repotted annually – large lump of wood below surface
10. Blue spruce, 18″, purchased, imported pot
11. Juniper cascade, var unkown, purchased, Stuart pot
12. Flowering Cherry, purchased, Stuart pot (split)
13. Chinese Elm, 20″, purchased, Stuart pot
14. Chinese Elm, 22″, purchased, imported pot
15. Cotoneaster 11″, purchased, on Tufa – must be kept damp – stand in shallow water
16. Azalea satsuki ‘Dai Seiko’. Stuart pot, flowers well
16A. English elm air-layered, Stuart pot
17. Apple 18″ ‘Golden delicious’, Air-layered, took 18 months, flowers well, keep one or two fruit for fun. Imported pot
18. Hawthorn, 18″, air-layered from wild, flowers & fruit some years incl ’17, autumn colours magnificent, Stuart pot.
19. Hawthorn, 13″, air-layered from wild, flowers & fruit regularly, imported pot
20. Hornbeam, 23″, purchased imported pot
21. Ivy, 9″, air-layered from wild, Stuart pot
22. Juniper (var unknown) 50″, purchased (Dundry), style based on Taiwan wild tree
23. Juniper (Grey owl?) 18″ semi-cascade, purchased (Alex Kennedy), Stuart pot (broken)
24. Juniper (var unknown), 19″ not ideal subject, Stuart pot
25. Juniper communis 28″ collected (Salisbury Plain), Stuart pot, loose fit
26. Laburnum 19″, purchased, flowers well, keep wet when in flower. Stuart pot
27. Larch 32″ Purchased ( C Thomas ) collected, pot by Gordon Duffett. Flowers & cones 1st time ’17
28. Larch 26″ collected 20 yrs, twin trunk, Stuart pot
29. Larch 20″ purchased, Stuart pot
30. Larch 28″ Air-layered from wild, roots one side, would create new root system if I had time. Took 18 months to root. Stuart pot
31. Pine – literati – 25″, purchased, Stuart pot
32. Juniper 9″ purchased (Kenwith – do not mention Bonsai), Stuart pot
33. Oaks 20″ collected 20 yrs, restyled ala Wistman’s Wood, Stuart pot
34. Picea 28″ purchased, Stuart pot
35. Pine 30″ my oldest, collected 30 yrs, must repot ’17
36. Pine 18″ semi cascade, collected 25 yrs, Stuart pot, repotted ’16
37. Pine 22″, collected 5 yrs, Stuart pot
38. Pine 16″, collected, restyled ’17, imported pot
39. Podocarpus 2 trees, 15″, purchased, imported pot
40. Prunus (Pisifera/cerasifera ?), air-layered from domestic stock, flowers well, fruit sometimes, Stuart pot (cracked)
41. Pyracantha 10″, purchased, flowers & fruit well
42. Sycamore, 13″, collected, red leaves magnificent in autumn. Defoliate twice. Imported pot
43. Rhododendron 17″. Purchased. Flowers well, repot after flowering
44. Rowan 17″, collected (Wales), makes long straight shoots. Stuart pot
45. Tall pine 32″, collected 10 yrs, imported pot
46. Pine 2-trees 17″ collected, imported pot
47. Viburnum on rock 20″, collected 20 yrs, Salisbury Plain, Stuart pot
48. Pine – literati / windswept, 18″ collected 15 yrs, Stuart pot
49. Yew cascade, collected, Stuart pot
50. Oriental Privet, purchased, imported pot
51. Crab Apple (Adirondak). Flowers & fruit lots
52. Oak (juvenile – has prospects)
53. Pomegranates on lava rock
54. Olive
55. Holly
56. Cotoneaster
57. Pyracantha
58. Variegated Sycamore
59. Horse chestnut
60. Spindle
61. Birch
62. Suiseki selection.