Best Mame at Bonsai World 2011

Best Mame – Hornbeam by Amelia Williams

I started my bonsai hobby back in 2006 after starting my career in arboriculture since around 2000. I have enjoyed the 11 years of the hobby so far and it has presented a whole host of learning opportunities for me which has aided my career too.

My favourite tree species for bonsai is the Korean Hornbeam but I enjoy working on my Taiwanese Figs the most as they seem to provide the most rewards for the time span. I mainly have shohin and mame trees with a few Chuhin and lots of garden trees too.

I have a mixture of bought trees from various trips to Lodder Bonsai in Holland but have also enjoyed the fun of growing your own from seed and cuttings.

What I like most about bonsai is growing miniature versions of trees and sharing the knowledge with others and I get a lot of my inspiration from nature and looking at ancient and veteran trees. I am still learning all the time and I would like to understand the ficus more as a tree species and potentially go and visit more of them in their natural environment.

Taiwan Fig at first purchase in February 2006 from Lodders in Holland

My least favourite tree for bonsai is the Azalea, no matter what I do I cannot seem to keep these looking great. My first ever bonsai was a ficus and it was Sally who got me into bonsai in the first place.