Paul Reed has been doing bonsai for around 6-7 years now and joined Swindon Bonsai Club in around 2010. His first ever bonsai was a Chinese Elm that was given to him as a birthday present and since then his interest in the hobby has grown.

PR Hornbeam

Paul is a fan of the Korean Hornbeam and has a superb example in his collection which he is working on developing now the ramification and branch structure. His least favourite tree for bonsai is the Ginkgo. He likes working with all kinds of Elms.

Discussion on pruning hornbeam

His collection of bonsai has grown over the years and he has a range of sizes and has a preference for natural styles of bonsai. The majority of his trees to date have been bought from Bonsai traders but he does have some growing on from plants taken from his garden.

His main source of inspiration is from fellow club members and he would like to learn how to take his trees onto the next level and continue to improve them.

He likes bonsai as it provides the chance to spend time quietly by yourself and is a relaxing hobby.