Wow and wow again is the only way to describe the Gardens by the Bay in SIngapore. What an amazing location and site, a botanical dream and inspiration all in one place. The scale, presence, magnificence and beauty is incredible. We were fortunate to visit during Christmas so the gardens were buzzing with people visiting the winter wonderland festive fair, as well as just viewing the amazing floral displays. The lakes within the gardens are full of fish and other wildlife and the real trees are establishing well. It was great to see so many varied species used within the planted areas as well as some excellent examples of Figs and Baobabs.

Supertrees Grove

These amazing tree like super structures are clad in living plants including ferns, bromeilads, orchids and so many other plants making an impressive landscape feature reaching heights of up to 50 metres. During the day they are equally impressive as they are at night when they come to life again with lights from the photovoltaic cells. For more information about the design visit Grant Associates website, they were one of the lead designers for the project.

Supertrees and the gardens at night

Views from around the Gardens by the Bay on foot

Cloud Forest Dome

Having visited other bio domes around the world I was fairly confident in what I would find inside the Cloud Forest Dome and also having been to the Cloud forests in Costa Rica, however this was just mind blowing. Inside the Cloud Forest dome you are greeted first off with a waterfall which is 35 metres in height, and then spiral your way around the dome inside to get a lift up to the 6th floor to climb up to the 8th floor aerial walk way in the clouds. Everywhere is packed full of plants and trees, ferns and mosses including some superb wood carving sculptures plus lego! The lighting illuminates key features enhancing your experience in addition to the mist in the air and running water. What an experience and well worth the visit.

Flower Dome

As the gardens are set within a 250 acre site it was hard to cover the entire site during day light hours, however it was just as stunning at night and we went into the flower dome to find a superb collection of Cacti and Succulents including an Olive Grove and so many more amazing plants and trees all under the 38 metre high roof of the 3 acre dome.


Aerial views of the Gardens by the Bay from the roof of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Figs in the Gardens by the Bay

One of the most commonly seen trees within the gardens was the Ficus tree and there were so many different varieties and species it was hard to keep up with trying to identify them. One that caught my eye had roots growing over a section of wall, while others had aerial roots, clusters of roots and some great forms were on show.