Swindon display

Fun, friendly, full on and fantastic describe this years 9th Heathrow Show, it was excellent again and great to be a part of. There were so many different species of trees, shapes, sizes and styles to suit everyones tastes and provide a whole day of bonsai tree gazing. Having such diversity also meant lots of great bonsai discussions to be had. As usual this was the place to be to not only see bonsai but also to buy bonsai as well given the array of bonsai accessories, everything you could ever need or want under one roof.

Winners of the Public vote

The winning tree in the public vote was a stunning Red maple (117) owned by Brian MacKichan. Followed by a Trident Maple group (229) owned by Russ Wheeler and in third was a superb Pine (165) owned by Dean Morgan.

Winners of the Exhibitors vote

The winning trees voted by the exhibitors were a joint 1st with Dean Morgans Pine (165) and Alex Rudd’s Olive (175). In third was John Turners Scots Pine (5).

Congratulations to Mark and MingChen Moreland plus everyone who organised the show, attended the show, exhibited at the show, traded at the show or was in any way connected, it was a great event once again.


This year there were 6 very knowledgeable club speakers working on their materials on the day close to the audience so that everybody could engage with the demonstrators. The demonstrations started off with Geoff Conybeare (Mid-Herts Bonsai Club) Bending the pine followed by Malcolm Driffield (Wessex Bonsai Club) Bonsai Techniques. Mark Kerry (Newbury Bonsai Society) was on hand for Juniper Refining followed by Paul Eslinger (Eastleigh Bonsai Society) creating Saikei (a landscaped scene) or a landscape in a tray/container formed by a grouping of trees together with a selection of plants, rocks, moss and sand. Also Peter Shields (Mid-Herts Bonsai Club) covered wiring techniques and Robert Stewart (Solent Bonsai Society) spoke on Shohin & Mame as bonsai.


Congratulations to Mandy Bray of Swindon Bonsai club for winning the superb remembrance pot made by Simon Hadden of Suteki.

Images from the show of club displays and the individual trees per display