The finished End so far, pre cut paste

Dianne has kindly shared her Ent journey, even though as she said people perhaps don’t plan Ent trees do they!!!

For those of you who know me know I have a specific way to find my bonsai trees. They’re either full of beautiful blossom or have stunning autumn leaves. I found this Zelkova Elm for sale at a show with super autumn colour on every leaf and knew I had to have it except it was not quite a root over rock but more exposed roots.

My first job would be to air layer the bad roots off which I did the following May in 2019 but come September it had not developed roots and the bark had regrown over partly again.

I realise I hadn’t gone deep enough into that cambian layer – lesson learnt! Then I thought I would have another attempt in 2020 so asked advice from Graham Simpson (Dragonfly Pots) and gave him a third option to turn this tree into an Ent….. Hobbit fans know what I mean! It had 3 legs but was such a rude tree as the video below shows…..

After careful consideration I got the Junior Hacksaw out (don’t own the real Japanese blade we should use) and removed the outer leg & hip to leave a walking Ent…..

Post hacksaw

Then I had to turn my attention to walking arms which would match the legs. Graham said I had to choose thin branches to train over a few years & my reply was I don’t have the time!!! So I used what was there and created this complete with arms and a sweet face too!!

You’ll see he is complete with big bottom which adds to his charm I think…..
Close up of the removed third leg
Ent in the making

This poor tree is now recovering in a much bigger pot with some 6X (one for the gardeners here) to build it up after losing his leg!! So far there have been no wilted leaves or signs of death so it’ll be at the next Tree of the Month and you better all vote!!

Post cut paste extravaganza

Graham Simpson thinks that Lockdown is having a strange effect on me & after it I’ll probably be certified…..!!

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