What a fantastic bonsai show, bringing together so many amazing people in one location to talk about bonsai, display their own bonsai trees and have the opportunity to buy bonsai supplies. With everything available from the bonsai traders from bonsai trees to tools, soils, fertilisers and so much more. It is such a friendly atmosphere with everyone catching up, and discussing their bonsai trees and techniques as well as their successes and problems following this summer’s extreme temperatures.

A huge thank you goes out to Mark and MingChen Moreland who provide their unwavering support, dedication and enthusiasm for the hobby of bonsai and are instrumental in not only starting the Heathrow Bonsai Show all those years ago but also the UKBA more recently in 2018. Thanks also to all those who made today’s show possible with their time, effort and organisation prior to the show and making sure everything was set up yesterday in anticipation of today as well as helping at the end of the show. A final thank you to all those exhibiting and trading at the show as well as the visitors who came to see what the hobby of bonsai is all about. Follow-up posts for our own Club display plus the other club displays and traders will follow shortly.

Things that caught my eye today