Front gardens in Japan


As it is currently the tree planting season in the UK, I thought I would share some photographs I took during a visit to Japan of trees in domestic gardens to hopefully inspire you

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Homage to the Hornbeam



Hornbeams are a fabulous tree for bonsai, a firm favourite with many and for good reason. You can see from the impressive image above that they can be of majestic proportions and this is one of our members trees which he has had for many years and developed it into this fine specimen.

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Ficus microcarpa (Ginseng Fig or Banyan Fig)

Original Fig in full leaf

Original Fig in full leaf

Recently I have been caring for a Ficus microcarpa as it was starting to show decline and leaf problems so I agreed to aid with the recovery if I could as I am used to looking after tropical bonsai trees having a few myself for the past 6 years.

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Tony Tickle

Tony has been working with bonsai since 1983, he specialises in native European trees, in particular; Hawthorn, Yew and Pine. He won his first Ginkgo awards in 1997, UK winner and runner up in the European New talent competition in 1995. He will be one of the individual exhibitors at our Winter Show in 2013.

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John Pitt

John Pitt is a Bonsai and Ceramic Artist living in Derbyshire U.K. His father had always kept little trees, so he grew up with them all around him. He has always had a deep love and admiration for nature, especially mature old trees, and thanks to his fathers influence started bonsai seriously in 1994. He is our Winter Show Sponsor and also an individual exhibitor at the show for the second consecutive year.

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Bonsai and fungi

Recently I noticed that this year seems to be a good year for fungi and they are appearing on my bonsai trees and other peoples too. Here are a few more examples I have seen recently on Yew, Japanese Black Pine and White Pine.

Individual Exhibitors @ Our 2013 Winter Image Show

Here is the list of the individual exhibitors who will be exhibiting their trees at our Winter Image Show on the 24th February 2013:
  • John Pitt
  • Tony Tickle
  • Ian Stewardson
  • Mike Jones
  • Fiona Wallace
  • Simon Tremblett
  • Will Baddeley
  • John Trott
  • Martin Shepherd
  • Marcus Watts
  • Chrissie Leigh-Walker


If you are a fan of Ginkgo trees (Maidenhair trees) you should watch this video, even though it is in chinese, it is amazing to watch how they work the species and develop it. Thanks Ming for the link.

Ginkgo Bonsai technology