British Shohin Association Show

Best Mame in Show

Best Mame in Show (Japanese Black Pine height 10 cm)

The 6th Annual British Shohin Association Show was held at Willowbog Bonsai, Northumberland. You will find the full Show Report here

Best Shohin Display

Best Shohin Display: Mark and Ritta Cooper

British Shohin Association Shohin'Off

Best Mame Composition

British Shohin Association Shohin'Off

Walsall Ceramics suiban, Henk Frensen bronze

The 6th Annual British Shohin Association Show The 6th Annual British Shohin Association Show

Mame Experience

Tokonoma by Bob Bailey

About two years ago after working with Shohin for ten years I decided I needed a new challenge and decided to try my hand at Mame. I sold my Shohin collection, partly to finance a trip to Japan and also to fund my interest in Mame. After visiting various nurseries and The Green Club I was amazed at  the quality and varieties of Mame on offer and also because of their popularity with the Japanese  how expensive they were, this also applied to the pots, stands, jittas etc. It would appear the smaller the tree the more expensive it is. After two years I now have a collection of 16 Mame, mostly Japanese sourced, but also two out of the garden, a pyracantha and also a clump style potentilla.

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