Pyracantha rosaceae

Pyracantha rosaceae bonsai in 2018
Pyracantha rosaceae 2018

The ‘Firethorns’ are related to Cotoneasters. They are one of the best and hardiest evergreen flowering and fruiting shrubs for north and east walls.

This tree started life as a cutting taken from a local park in 1980. It was grown for two years in a large pot and then planted against the back wall of my house.

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Blue glaze with Dragonfly pots

Graham Simpson doesn’t usually work with glazed pots. He has worked up a new blue glaze which is glossy, inky-dark and breaks to a yellow & brown speckle – and it’s matte.

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Creating an exposed root

This started a while ago. A few Swindon club members collectively agreed they appreciated the exposed root style of bonsai while we were at another club’s show. We made a pact to have a go at creating one for ourselves, myself included. This is as far as I got Terry. I mostly work with pine so it wasn’t difficult to make a decision of what species to use, for me.

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UK Bonsai Association Virtual Show

With all shows off the agenda for the time being, The UK Bonsai Association has instigated a virtual show to fill the void.

Submissions for the show are currently still open until 20th September 2020 if you wish to enter a tree.

All trees will then be displayed on their website between the 1st and the 10th October 2020. All members are welcome to email their favourite top five trees. All trees are identifiable by individual numbers beginning with the letter A so we would ask members to email their favourite trees in order of preference as follows:
1st = A034
2nd = A014
3rd = A067
4th = A087
5th = A022

Voting finishes on 10th October 2020, allowing time to have the results available for their November bulletin. All members including exhibitors can participate in the voting process. Please see UK Bonsai Association website for full information.

Spring bonsai delights

Thank you Sally and Derek for posting these lovely spring images of your trees coming into leaf and flower this year. It is a stunning array of colour and blooms.

Traders at our show

Seems like so long ago now. These are the traders who attended our winter show earlier in the year. A big thank you to all of them for making the day.

Trees of interest

We didn’t have a tree of the month at our last meeting. It was our Annual General Meeting. Members still brought in trees that looked at their seasonal best though.

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