Lodder Bonsai raffle prizes

Branch splitters
Branch splitters

Gerrit Lodder has kindly supplied prizes for the raffle at our annual show next weekend. They have supported our endeavours for a number of years now and have provided some great prizes, so turn up and buy a ticket. Then you’ll be in with a chance of winning one of these fantastic prizes.

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Unpredictable flowering

We love taking about the weather here in the UK, it is practically a national pastime. I am going to elaborate a little into bonsai, I think it is important to talk about failures, as well as successes. Hopefully we can learn from these experiences and improve. A really important part of bonsai culture is observation. But sometimes things are beyond control. I have always had a thing for Prunus mume, Japanese Apricot or Ume.

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Show preparation

David Cheshire

David Cheshire AKA Bonsaidave joined us for the evening of show preparation. He provided loads of much needed supplies, advice and a van full of Akadama. We really appreciated him visiting and coming along to our club night so, thank you Dave.👍🏻

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Christmas Club Night

1st place, SM

Tree of the month takes on a different theme for December in Swindon. The points this month don’t count towards the competitor’s league status; but this doesn’t seem to dampen the competition in any way.

2nd place, AW
3rd place, DR

The brief (as last year) was to decorate a bonsai with a Christmas theme. Winner gets a prize. 

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