Tree critique

This month we held an open tree critique, and invited our members to bring in their trees for open discussion with new ideas, feedback and suggestions. These are usually bonsai you have but no idea in what direction it could be going in.

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Test Valley Woodfair 2017

Community Woodfair poster

The Test Valley Woodfair is back, this year on Saturday 2nd September 2017 at Zion’s Hill Copse, Chandlers Ford in Hampshire.  It is a free event and the activities are all through the woodland and nature reserve for one day.

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Gold at Chelsea

We are proud to announce The Federation of British Bonsai Socities won a gold medal this year at Chelsea. Congratulations to the team for this fantastic achievement.

Rowdeford plant sale fundraiser

The organisers kindly invited us back to Rowdeford again, to put up a small bonsai display. Naturally, we put up the biggest gazebo we could buy with the club funds our treasurer would allow. So we spent the rest of the day enjoying our double-pitch spread.

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Bonsai auction

Sale of trees at Woodbury Salerton Village Hall, near Exeter on Sunday 14th May.

Viewing from 10:00. Auction sale from 2 pm. Bring a pen.

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