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Bonsai Shohin Passion

This book has gained a lot of attention since it began production, and deservedly so. One of very few books available targeting specifically smaller shohin sized trees, and an intermediate to advanced audience – it covers a series of case studies of Roland’s own trees through many years of development. His writing style is both… Read more »

Demonstrators at BCI Convention

At this years Bonsai Clubs International Convention (BCI) in Guangzhou in China there were a good range of demonstrators and speakers from around the world. They were demonstrating styling, bending branches, wiring, jin and shari creation and pot making.

Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Viewing Stone Convention

In addition to the Bonsai exhibition at the Bonsai Clubs International Convention (BCI) there was the Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Viewing Stone convention and exhibition which was held in the Science Hall in Guangzhou in China. There was a stunning collection of viewing stones of all shapes, sizes and colours and it was beautiful.