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Bonsai tree wounds

When you wound a bonsai tree through the removal of a branch you create a wound. Depending on where you prune the branch back to will depend on what type of response the tree will have to the wound created. Some wounds will seal over completely, while others will remain with a hole or cavity… Read more »

Cut Paste

The green lidded one for confers, the white deciduous…apparently

Hoka-en Bonsai Studio

We are delighted to add some more fantastic prizes to our raffle donated very kindly by Gerrit Lodder of Lodder Bonsai bv and the Hoka-en Bonsai Studio in Harmelen, Holland. They include a stunning Mame Zelkova nire along with a collection of bonsai sundry essentials.

Dai-ichi Bonsai and Satsuki centres

Dai-ichi of Hermitage, Newbury will be one of the traders at Our Winter Image show this coming February and will have a range of products for sale.