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Bonsai Auction

What a collection of awe inspiring bonsai trees, it was the most incredible sample of 150 bonsai trees out of around 400 all owned and developed by one individual, that of Manuel Gonzales who sadly past away last year.

A tribute to Manuel Gonzalez

To see such an amazing collection of trees on display from the Wessex Society at the Heathrow Show was fabulous enough, but amazing to know that trees on display were created, styled and owned by Manuel Gonzalez of the Wessex Bonsai Society which left me in even more amazement.

FOBBS Merit Awards

Two trees won the Federation of British Bonsai (FOBBS) merit awards at the Heathrow show and they were tree 107 which was a stunning Yew created and owned by Manuel Gonzalez of Wessex Bonsai Society and tree 115, a Ligustrum owned by Paul Finch of Southend Bonsai Society.