What a collection of awe inspiring bonsai trees, it was the most incredible sample of 150 bonsai trees out of around 400 all owned and developed by one individual, that of Manuel Gonzales who sadly past away last year.

Part of his collection was being sold at a public auction hosted by Wessex Bonsai Society at the weekend and it was a well attended event by bonsai enthusiasts and his family who all wanted to have an opportunity to admire Manuel’s trees and such a great display of his skill and dedication to the art of bonsai.


He will be sadly missed not just for his natural talent but also passion and exuberant character and energy which he bought to bonsai and we will all sorely miss him. Some lucky people bought his trees at the auction so his legacy will live on through others and we look forward to seeing his trees on display across the UK and hopefully around the world in the future.