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Homage to the Hornbeam

  Hornbeams are a fabulous tree for bonsai, a firm favourite with many and for good reason. You can see from the impressive image above that they can be of majestic proportions and this is one of our members trees which he has had for many years and developed it into this fine specimen.

Verve soil conditioner

An interesting article in The Dendrologist magazine… Rock Dust Fertilizer – Scottish quarries are supplying 420 million year old volcanic rock, ground up and packed in 10kg bags, now being sold in B&Q for £5.98 as ‘Verve’ soil improver. It contains ‘the full suite of nutrients’, as marketing director Jennifer Cook proclaims. Rock dust has… Read more »

Ficus microcarpa (Ginseng Fig or Banyan Fig)

Recently I have been caring for a Ficus microcarpa as it was starting to show decline and leaf problems so I agreed to aid with the recovery if I could as I am used to looking after tropical bonsai trees having a few myself for the past 6 years.

Tool Roll

B&Q are currently selling these JCB Tool Rolls, good value for £5.98. You find them here  

Moss moss moss

I couldn’t resist sharing a few photos from a walk I took the other day – the moss was growing in abundance on an old wall. I really admired the different types of moss and the way it was literally oozing off the top of the wall onto the lane below where it continued growing… Read more »

Bonsai and fungi

Recently I noticed that this year seems to be a good year for fungi and they are appearing on my bonsai trees and other peoples too. Here are a few more examples I have seen recently on Yew, Japanese Black Pine and White Pine.


If you are a fan of Ginkgo trees (Maidenhair trees) you should watch this video, even though it is in chinese, it is amazing to watch how they work the species and develop it. Thanks Ming for the link. Ginkgo Bonsai technology

A tribute to Manuel Gonzalez

To see such an amazing collection of trees on display from the Wessex Society at the Heathrow Show was fabulous enough, but amazing to know that trees on display were created, styled and owned by Manuel Gonzalez of the Wessex Bonsai Society which left me in even more amazement.

FOBBS Merit Awards

Two trees won the Federation of British Bonsai (FOBBS) merit awards at the Heathrow show and they were tree 107 which was a stunning Yew created and owned by Manuel Gonzalez of Wessex Bonsai Society and tree 115, a Ligustrum owned by Paul Finch of Southend Bonsai Society.

Surprising Nature

I posted this picture on a Bonsai forum and several members thought that they were bronze/metal toadstools that had been used. In fact, my wife collected some large fir cones and put them on the wall out in all weathers. While wandering around the garden on a cold morning I came across this and couldn’t… Read more »