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Marcus Watts

Marcus Watts, lives in Cornwall and bought his first bonsai 22 years ago and has been enjoying the hobby ever since. He prefers working with larger trees and now maintains a smaller collection of mostly Japanese bonsai. He likes to refine and finish trees, so spend a lot of time wiring ! Next year he… Read more »

Mike Jones

Mike Jones has been interested in Bonsai Trees since the early 1980’s. If not for that small ‘extra’ Christmas present of a ‘grow your own bonsai seed kit,’ he may not have been so passionate about the hobby, as indeed he has – and still is! From that humble seed kit to today – he… Read more »

John Trott

John Trott started bonsai in 1969, lecturing since 1986 and went semi-professional in 1994 when he first started exhibiting at horticultural shows and set up the Mendip Bonsai Studio. He then went full time professional in 1999, and set up the educational side of the business to become one of the leading workshops to learn… Read more »

Simon Temblett

Simon Temblett has been growing bonsai for almost thirty years but has never purchased a bonsai tree. All of his trees have been entirely developed by his own hand, most from simple material such as seeds, cuttings, nursery stock or garden finds and a few from collected material. Bonsai for him is more of a process… Read more »

Chrissie Leigh-Walker

Chrissie has been working on Bonsai on a professional basis since purchasing Bushukan Bonsai Nursery in Essex back in 2001. She has exhibited at the RHS Shows since then and up until 2010, when she decided that it was enough and things are difficult, as she worked on her own. Not only building and designing… Read more »

Tony Tickle

Tony has been working with bonsai since 1983, he specialises in native European trees, in particular; Hawthorn, Yew and Pine. He won his first Ginkgo awards in 1997, UK winner and runner up in the European New talent competition in 1995. He will be one of the individual exhibitors at our Winter Show in 2013.

John Pitt

John Pitt is a Bonsai and Ceramic Artist living in Derbyshire U.K. His father had always kept little trees, so he grew up with them all around him. He has always had a deep love and admiration for nature, especially mature old trees, and thanks to his fathers influence started bonsai seriously in 1994. He… Read more »

Individual Exhibitors @ Our 2013 Winter Image Show

Here is the list of the individual exhibitors who will be exhibiting their trees at our Winter Image Show on the 24th February 2013: John Pitt Tony Tickle Ian Stewardson Mike Jones Fiona Wallace Simon Tremblett Will Baddeley John Trott Martin Shepherd Marcus Watts Chrissie Leigh-Walker

Traders @ Our Winter Show

Here is the list of confirmed Bonsai traders who are coming to our 11th Winter Image show on the 24th February 2013. John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics Wallsall Studio Ceramics Windybank Bonsai Paul Goff – Bonsai Presentations John Trott – Mendip Dai-ichi Bonsai Chris Thomas – Celtic Knot Bonsai Dan Barton – Esoteric Pots Doug Mudd… Read more »