This month we held an autumn workshop to discuss the interesting transitional period between active and dormant. This year has produced mixed results for autumn foliage in the UK, largely down to climatic influences more than anything. I believe the Americans call looking at autumnal colour ‘leaf peeping’ which I think is a nice sentiment. It was good to see both Terry Hayward and Terry Adams back on form and joining us for the workshop. Terry Adams was busy working on his Japanese White Pine, needle plucking before wiring in preparation for our show already! There was a bit of trading going on and Mike decided to impress us all with a full on Mame display for tree of the month.


My Japanese Black Pine was in for a bit of needle plucking also
Japanese Black Pine also in for a bit of needle plucking
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper

Mark & Ritta Cooper have spent a great deal of time immersed in japanese culture over time. Tonight they wanted to share their exploits. They talked about the country, bonsai, koi and everything in between. Like a lot of bonsai enthusiasts it all started with koi fish and a pond, they also talked about their passion for shohin, the pros and cons of the smaller tree and some insight into what makes it all tick.


The auction is really hotting up here at Dragon Bonsai in Wales. A great chance to pick up all sorts of stuff. There is quite a buzz in the air as some great trees have come up for sale and mini bidding wars have commenced – but in an amicable way and ably handled by Chris Thomas, an auctioneer extraordinaire. There is over two hundred and fifty lots to go through and despite the blazing sunshine in the afternoon Continue reading

Swamp Cypress

Bristol Bonsai Society members did not disappoint today and had a show stopper to boot with a stunning Taxodium distchum (Swamp Cypress/Bald Cypress) which won the public vote as well as a personal favourite of mine too.

The club members bonsai displays were set up along the lines of one table per display (Tokanoma style) with the majority of trees being a single tree with an accompanying accent tree or plant. The range of species, styles and presentations Continue reading

Wanborough Show 2014

Swindon Club once again put on a display of bonsai trees at Wanborough Show. This is a well attended village show near to Swindon. Swindon Bonsai Society has mounted displays at this show for a number of years and interest from the public is always high with many people expressing interest in the art. This show provides an outreach opportunity to publicise Bonsai to local members of the public who are unlikely to attend a specialist show. Continue reading

Dragon Bonsai have set an auction into the calendar for Sunday 7th September 2014. There is also an informal workshop and other entertainment on the day before, Saturday 6th September so you could make a weekend of it – plenty of room for camping.

Bonllwyn Garden Center
120 Llandybie Rd

Head over to the Dragon website for more detail, or just for the big shiny countdown clock. We love it!