The North Devon Bonsai Society are hosting their annual bonsai show at RHS Rosemoor, Great Torrington, EX38 8PH on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April 2015.

Sutton Bonsai society Show entrance
Sutton Bonsai society Show entrance

Sutton Bonsai Society held their show today at the prestigious RHS Wisley Gardens, Surrey. There was a good amount of admiring public as the show was included within the entrance fee at Wisley’s gate. An on-site RHS conifer specialist took the time in the morning to walk and talk us from the show, out to the Pinetum and back through the walled gardens. We enjoyed a very friendly atmosphere and the chance to catch up with friends about the progression of spring here in the UK. Splendid displays, friendly club, great time of year, the cafe round the corner was tasty, superb grounds – this show had a lot going for it. Continue reading


Experimenting with creating bonsai is a great way to learn, and I happened across a reasonably priced plaited trunked Ficus in a garden store last year and wanted to find out a bit more about how they actually create the plaited trunks so I bought one to find out.

Below is the stages following purchase through to repotting to understand how they make them. Continue reading

Bonsai are completely reliant on us for their nutrients to help them photosynthesise, most good free draining potting mixtures are inert and do not provide nutrients for the tree mediums such as Akadama are not able to retain nutrients for long and so frequent feeding is required.

If you want your bonsai to grow well they need to be fed regularly, some people think that to get small growth you starve a tree – you will get small growth for a while, followed by Continue reading

Best Mame
Best Mame, Kit Bowns with a Larch

The premier UK shohin and mame bonsai tree exhibition took place on 15 March at Failands Village Hall. This much anticipated exhibition, Shohin UK II, was eagerly awaited by many in the small tree community. This is the second to be held by British Shohin Association and it was a complete success with many commenting on how improved the trees and displays looked. This does not take anything away from the trees in previous events but is more a reflection of how far the understanding of shohin and mame trees has come on in recent years and also how the aesthetics of showing are becoming more understood in this niche of bonsai displaying. Continue reading