Mame Forsythia
Mame Forsythia

Forsythia are a stunning bonsai that are at their best this time of year due to the bright yellow flowers that signify the start of Spring. The flowers form before the leaves so you get the full advantage of being able to see the flowers without them being hidden underneath a full canopy of leaves. Forsythia are  Continue reading

Bonsai Traders Show Coventry

The Bonsai Traders Association held a very successful bonsai event at Sports Connexion in Ryton on Dunsmore in Coventry on Sunday 6th April as part of celebrating 21 years of Bonsai Exhibitions. Here are a few images from the event and some of the bonsai trees available for sale were excellent and have found new homes with Members of Swindon Bonsai Club already.

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Chaenomeles shohin
Chaenomeles as a bonsai (Shohin category)

Quince (Chaenomeles) originate from China and Japan and they are a common ornamental shrub which is used as a bonsai due to the showy flowers that bloom in Spring. There are a wide range of cultivars to choose from and the most commonly used as a bonsai is Continue reading

Maindenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba)
Maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba)

This is a fabulous time of year as it is the time when your deciduous trees start to push leaves and all trees start to increase their productivity after winter dormancy.

Prior to the full onset of Spring repotting should have taken place to root prune the trees and check the composition of the soil plus look for soil pests and replace Continue reading

For anybody that wants to visit Lodder BV this is a very good opportunity for a great show and lots of bargains. This year the ‘Lodder’s open days’ will be the weekend of 8th and 9th of March. There will be many stands of Japanese arts and crafts, Sushi lovers will get their money’s worth. On Saturday there will also be performances from the Kung Fu Academy, traditionally they bring a spectacular dragon dance.

The following traders will attend: Continue reading