Thank you again Mark and Ming Moreland and all those involved in organising and running the Heathrow Bonsai Show as this was yet another great bonsai show and fun event today. The range of bonsai trees on display was extensive and excellent, with some stunning autumn colour as well as some early winter images.

Main image
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Dan and Cecilia Barton make wonderful unique pots of all shapes and sizes and no two pots are alike or the same which is fabulous. They have developed various techniques to produce some stunning accent pots with superb glazes making them quite eye catching to say the least and amazing styles and shapes too. Here is a selection of their work and for more details visit their website. Plus they will be a trader at the Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 22nd February 2015 so if you come along you can buy then there. Continue reading


This month we held an autumn workshop to discuss the interesting transitional period between active and dormant. This year has produced mixed results for autumn foliage in the UK, largely down to climatic influences more than anything. I believe the Americans call looking at autumnal colour ‘leaf peeping’ which I think is a nice sentiment. It was good to see both Terry Hayward and Terry Adams back on form and joining us for the workshop. Terry Adams was busy working on his Japanese White Pine, needle plucking before wiring in preparation for our show already! There was a bit of trading going on and Mike decided to impress us all with a full on Mame display for tree of the month.


My Japanese Black Pine was in for a bit of needle plucking also
Japanese Black Pine also in for a bit of needle plucking