Snow in Pine

Ask any bonsai enthusiast here in the UK about what they do to protect their trees during the winter and you will usually get a very confident answer; although there does seem to be variation in what people say. I will offer one piece of advice straight away, the smaller the tree the more protection you should give it, this is all dependant on conditions of course and there are no right or wrong answers. The more options you have the better off you will be, the more precautions you take the better off the tree will be. You can extend the growing season by using good protection and lessen the possibility of ill health or worse death. The vast majority of trees do require a period of dormancy however. Continue reading


One of Simon Tembletts more well known creations is his Boulevard Juniper (Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘boulevard’) but sadly of late this tree has been suffering from what Simon believes is natural dieback as opposed to a pest or disease problem. He puts the dieback down to mild moisture stress due to continued growth restricted to a shallow pot with unstable pot temperatures affecting the roots. That root dysfunction thus explains the canopy / foliage die back and even though this is very natural in a tree in the wild it is a significant issue on a bonsai tree. Continue reading


This wasn’t a place we first expected to see bonsai, staying in the Fujiya Hotel for a couple of days enjoying the ornamental gardens from our room we decided to go for a closer look. Whilst exploring the beautifully maintained gardens we stumbled upon a good sized collection of bonsai trees seemingly maintained by the hotel almost tucked away out sight. Located south from Tokyo, the hotel is one of the oldest in Japan, and has had many famous guests and includes some very luxurious hot spring baths. Even though our trip wasn’t solely focused on Continue reading

Simon Templet
Simon Temblett

Simon Temblett brought a series of his own bonsai trees in for our monthly club night and talked through his approach creating some fascinating works of art and stunning bonsai. He has over the years created very classical bonsai for which he is well known for, these he has created from raw material or garden centre stock and he is proud to have grown his trees with this process rather than buy a ready made bonsai. Continue reading


One of the things I remember fondly about our trip to Japan, wasn’t just the big impressive show-worthy bonsai but the domestic bonsai that could be found in any random location by the road or outside the ticket office at a bus station. I was going to describe this as ‘achievable’ bonsai, but in nothing more than admiration; Continue reading