This year was another fantastic year for the bonsai club displays with 36 clubs present displaying their club members’ bonsai trees there was something for everyone to enjoy. With so many individuals from each club collectively coming together to display their own designs and styles and tree species of bonsai it was fabulous to see such inspirational trees. It ranged from tropical bonsai through to mame, shohin, chuhin as well as some very impressive larger bonsai on the displays. Further posts to follow with details of the other bonsai clubs and traders present today.

Swindon Club display

Swindon club display was voted one of the top three favourite displays by the visitors as well as traders as well as Eastleigh Bonsai Society, The Bonsai Boys, Chiltern Bonsai Society and Exeter Bonsai Society. Everyone presented their displays well and the effort being put into designing and presenting their club displays was amazing by all those involved.

Tropical trees on Warminster Bonsai display

Club members from one club in bonsai often belong to more than one club and some of our Swindon Club members also belong to Warminster Bonsai Club as well as other bonsai clubs. Their display this year included a range of tropical bonsai from our club members in addition to a selection of shohin with a chuhin tree.