Windybank Bonsai

With a total of 12 traders & bonsai displays including demonstrations it was a very successful event and lived up to it with a title as The Grand Bonsai Traders event. Here are some of the traders that were present:

It was a well attended event and many trees were purchased by all including us. A wide variety of tree species were on sale included Japanese Black Pine, Siberian Elms, Mountain Maples, Itoigawa Junipers, Red Pines, Scots Pined, Blackthorns, Korean Hornbeams, Azaleas in full flower, a Dwarf Spruce, accents and Dwarf Willows to name a few. There was a great range of pots of all shapes and sizes from a range of Potters. The displays were of a good standard and in particular a mention must go out to the British Shohin Association display of which the majority bar one were John Armitage’s trees and these were exceptional.

Here is a selection of photographs from the event