So how do you go from this to this……


To this….


Well the answer to that is easy, select your genre and species of bamboo correctly and the hard work is done for you.


Bamboo is a fabulous plant, it is as diverse as they come and can attain stunning heights as well as be content in dwarf forms too. It is also multi faceted as the species are really diverse, so some have unusual features that look like knobs on the stems (enlarged internodes), while others have stripes, or are variegated. Some are green, others are blue to blueish green and even black or purple with large to small leaves, some more delicate than others and some more hardy and robust than others too. The most important thing to remember with bamboo though is that they spread quickly so if you are thinking of planting them, ensure you use a root barrier or some form of root containment unless that is your plan. The other key thing is that they are moisture lovers, so try not to let them dry out and keep them moist at all times as this will ensure a good healthy foliage colour and also new shoots to form well.

There are a range of genera and from that is a huge species list and the most common are: –

Examples of small forms include: –

Here are a few images of bamboo, but there are so many that if you are interested then visit some of the gardens around the country that have collections including Kew Gardens, Sir Harold Hiller Gardens (Arboretum) and also try bamboo specialists like Scent Sational Plants Bamboo garden nursery in Fordingbridge. In addition to making an awesome contribution to the garden, they make great accents, or plants in pots aka bonsai so have a look around and see what you can find.