Pots galore

When you start the hobby of bonsai there are so many aesthetic elements to absorb as well as enjoy that it can appear quite daunting at first but do not be daunted, have some fun and enjoy the journey.  

It is only more recently that I have come to appreciate the whole world of bonsai pots that I had not fully appreciated before now. The reason for this is that I couldn’t see beyond the tree as for me this was the reason I got into bonsai originally.

Now though taking time out from my admiring trees it has been an adventure now trying to match my trees to their perfect pots to ensure they are displayed to their best advantage and some of the best places to find potters is at bonsai shows as they bring their latest ranges to sell.

Another good place is to visit one of the larger bonsai retailers who usually stock a wide range of pots like Lodder Bonsai bv who possibly have one of the largest collections of  bonsai pots in Europe to chose from as shown in the photo gallery above.

If you are looking however for something of a one off then talk to the individual potters as many do commissions and will make a pot to your specific requirements and needs for your tree. The is a lot to learn with regard to styles, colours and shapes and even though their are certain rules also, it should to some extent be down to your own preference as you have to like it.

The choices available are amazing and there have been some amazing advances in glazes, styles and shapes of pots being created by some extremely talented potters, and you know who you are. If you are looking for more guidance on choosing a pot their is a good article on Bonsai Empire.

Sources of Bonsai Pots and Potters in Europe:-

Map of Bonsai Potters in Europe (Source Bonsai Empire)

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