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Greenwood Maple Weekend

Don’t forget next weekend the 20-21st May, Greenwood are holding their yearly Maple Weekend Two days devoted to Japanese Maples and their uses for Bonsai and Japanese Gardens.

The Bonsai Traders Association Spring Show

Sunday 10th April is the Bonsai Traders Association Spring Show @Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry. Admission is free. For more information contact Corin Tomlinson of Greenwood Bonsai Studio on 0115 9205757 or E-mail

6th Heathrow Bonsai Show 2015

Thank you again for hosting another great bonsai show this year, the displays were excellent with a myriad of bonsai trees of all shapes, styles, sizes and colours on display making it very eye catching.

Bonsai Bash at Greenwoods

6th and 7th September. Free demonstrations on both days. Bonsai displays of both Corin and Harry Tomlinson’s private collections of bonsai. Food and drink available all day.   Greenwood Bonsai Studio Ollerton RD Arnold Nottingham NG5 8PR Call 0115 920 5757 for more details.

Into the world of bonsai pots

When you start the hobby of bonsai there are so many aesthetic elements to absorb as well as enjoy that it can appear quite daunting at first but do not be daunted, have some fun and enjoy the journey.  

Tropical bonsai trees (Indoor bonsai)

Within the UK, most bonsai enthusiasts keep outdoor bonsai trees and by this I mean they keep species of trees as bonsai that are acclimatised to the weather conditions of the UK. Native species of trees are frequently used as well as more hardy non native trees that make excellent bonsai specimens.