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Grand Bonsai Event Traders

Held at Capel Manor Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex, this event is organised by the Bonsai Traders Association and featured some of the best in the UK. Comprising of

Roots Bonsai 6th July 2014

Newbury & District Bonsai Society once again will host BONSAI ROOTS at Roots Garden Centre, Prior’s Court Road, Hermitage, Berkshire, RG18 9TG on Sunday¬†6th July 2014. The Show will be open from 10:00am – 16:00pm. There will be displays from clubs, bonsai traders, demonstrations and members of many clubs working on trees. For more details… Read more »

Are you feeding your bonsai tree?

It is now summer here in the UK, so hopefully you all have your feeding and watering regimes in place for your bonsai tree(s). It is important to feed because

Flowering bonsai in June

June is a good time for flowering shrubs more so than trees and some shrubs make excellent bonsai, here is a quick guide to what could be out in flower this month, but timings can vary depending on the weather.

Defoliation of Ginkgo’s

Ginkgo biloba are a fascinating species of tree and everyone should have at least one in their bonsai or tree collection. Recently I have been experimenting with defoliation techniques on them to aid with encouraging back budding and improve the density of buds on the branches which in turn will lead then to smaller leaves… Read more »

Bonsai Stands

It is great to see that the stands used in Bonsai shows are of a good quality and design, as this adds to the overall bonsai display – it is an important feature of the overall image. The bonsai stand or table plays an important but subtle part in the feeling of the presentation,

Raffle Hornbeam from 2013 a year on

Here was the raffle prize in 2013 from the Swindon Winter Image Show and it was on display at the Wessex Bonsai Show in May this year being exhibited by the raffle winner who is a member of Solent Bonsai Society.