Welcome to the world of creating Bonsai Ents that Simon Temblett introduced to club members at our recent club night where Simon showed us that there can be so much more to bonsai than just a tree in a pot, how about your very own Ent.


The beginnings of an Ent using Elm saplings from a hedgerow

This is new project for Simon and he hopes to create inspirational Ents from starter stock and develop them into fascinating living art but as bonsai. As per Wikipedia “Ents are a race of beings in J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy world Middle-earth who closely resemble trees. They are similar to the talking trees in folklore around the world. Their name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for giant.”

Simon has taken this as the inspiration from the Ents in R.R Tolkien and started upon a journey to create his own and the initial starter stock has been using Elm and he has started some others using Norway Maple. They are still very much in the developmental stages after being collected as air layers from hedges and he has started by splitting their trunks to make the legs and is wrapping the branches around themselves to create arms and fill out the body shape. He has experienced from shoot die back but they seem to be vigorous enough that this has not been a problem.

Ent from Lord of the Rings

Real live example of Ents!!

Example of Non living Bonsai Ent

Living Bonsai Ent in the making!!!

The long term hope is to host an Ent show, so look out for this and get working on yours!