General 4

Wow, what an amazing collection of Shohin and Mame trees on display at the recent open air Bonsai Clubs International Convention in Guangzhou, China. This was a stunning outdoor series of displays set off with a good backdrop and a very visually clean image being presented. It was great to see so many styles of bonsai stand & display and some really stood out from the rest.

It was fun to walk around the displays and the fact that they left these displays out for the duration of the convention was amazing, although they did though take a few down from the higher stands during the nights of heavy rain and winds. Throughout the convention the owners were on hand to water and maintain the trees, given the temperature & humidity of the weather, this was essential.

Just a few more images so you can see the scale of the site and the Shohin had the centre stage between the two large bonsai exhibits either side which dwarfed the Shohin trees if you stood them side by side. A follow up post will come shortly with close up photos of the individual trees on each of the displays. There were some very fine high quality shohin on display.