Congratulations to everyone who went to the Wessex Bonsai Show today, it was another great bonsai show and competition. The diversity of different trees on display was excellent and the overall condition and quality was also very good.

Tribute to David John Turner

Wessex Bonsai Society put on a tribute display for David John Turner in the main competition hall to celebrate a great bonsai enthusiast who will be sadly missed by everyone.


There were demonstrations throughout the day which were well attended with a good range of questions being asked and some good knowledge being shared.

Wessex Bonsai Club Members Trees

The trees are all Wessex Bonsai Club members and it was great to have so many trees at the show to admire and enjoy in addition to the competition trees.

General images from the show

More posts to follow with the award winners of each class, visiting clubs and societies displays and their trees plus the traders….