Graham working on White Pine

Graham is our Club Treasurer at Swindon Bonsai Club and has been doing bonsai as a hobby since around 2000, so for 17 years now. His first ever bonsai was a Beech tree but sadly it is now deceased. His favorite tree species is the Acer and he enjoys working on Elms as he finds them rewarding to prune.

He would like to learn more about ramification techniques and studies trees at exhibitions and photographs of trees to gain inspiration and ideas and enjoys seeing the ongoing improvement of his trees year on year.

Graham & Derek

Most of his trees are less than 60cm in height and of a broom or literati style and they are a mixture of bought, self grown and collected trees. He likes the broom style and literati and has a small bonsai collection with mainly these styles.

Japanese Maple

3rd place, GS Japanese Maple

Graham got into the hobby of bonsai originally through his youngest daughter and finding the Swindon Club and has been a valued member since 2000.