Industrial inspired accent pots in new metallic finish

Here is an update to follow on from a recent post from Graham Simpson of Dragonfly Bonsai pots. Graham was kind enough to share his new developments and recent work so here is a sneak preview prior to the Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 24th February 2019 when you can see Dragonfly bonsai pots up close on his stand.

Industrial inspired accent pots in new metallic finish
Industrial inspired accent pots in new metallic finish

Experiments with clay will sometimes bring surprises. The unexpected new colours or textures can lead to inspiration. A finish that looks red metallic has inspired me to create pots with an industrial feel to them.

Pipe inspired pot 10″ round

I felt this could prove useful to those wanting to imply a man made aspect in their bonsai display. An environment such as mines, quarries or other post industrial setting has been the theme of interesting displays recently.

Cascade pot with industrial rivets 
Cascade pots newly finished and the large one at back is 12” tall.

Here are a few newly finished pots but checked out Graham’s previous post for more details of the journey. Cascade pots are a favourite of mine as the flat sides gives plenty of space create an interesting surface.

I’m fortunate to be able to fire large pots, such as this 18” round drum pot
Oval with curved profile.
An example of my new ‘particle’ finish. I’m trying to emulate the texture seen in a slice through ground soil.

Looking forward getting your reaction to my work at this years Winter Image show on the 24th February 2019. 

Not long now…