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Most innovative exhibit award 2018

Get your bonsai designs ready to be in with a chance of winning the prize for the most innovative exhibit at this years Swindon Winter Image Show on the 25th February 2018. Dan Barton has kindly sponsored this award and will judge the award on the day of the show. Dan and Cecilia of Esoteric… Read more »

Deciduous @ Swindon Winter Image Show 2017

Talk about ramification this year, it was excellent on the deciduous bonsai trees at the Swindon Winter Image Show 2017, and seems to get better every year. For all those who attended you got to get up close and personal with the trees to observe the range of techniques used to aid with developing good… Read more »

Shohin and Mame @ Swindon 2017

This was another good year for viewing Shohin and Mame bonsai at the Swindon Winter Image show 2017, with some fabulous miniature examples of tree species maintained in the smallest forms in the cutest ways possible. Congratulations to everyone who had a Shohin or Mame in the show and also check out some of the… Read more »

Evergreens @ Swindon 2017

The selection of evergreen bonsai trees at the Swindon Winter Image Show 2017 was great with a wide range of species from Pines to Junipers to Yew and Spruce to name a few. Here are a selection of the evergreen bonsai there on display.

40th Anniversary of Swindon Bonsai Club

It was with great pleasure that Paul Bowerbank was able to present Reg Bolton with the 40th Anniversary Award of Swindon and District Bonsai Society. Reg was one of the founder members of Swindon Bonsai Club back in 1977 from its creation and it is great to see the results of over 50 years of… Read more »

Awards winners @ 2017 Swindon Winter Image Show

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Swindon Winter Image Show making it a great event to have been part of. Thank you also to our award sponsors and a special thank you to Kit Bowns for making such a fabulous hand carved root stand that was incredible. Congratulations also to all the prize… Read more »

Swindon Winter Image Bonsai Show set up

 Year of show preparations Well the preparations for the show usually start immediately after the current show has just finished so we started preparing for the 2017 in February 2016 so a year in the making. There is always so much to do when organizing a bonsai show including some of the following like ensuring there… Read more »

Judging @ 2017 Swindon Winter Image Show

Thank you to all our 6 judges, Steve McKee, John Brocklehurst, Andy Jordan, Mark Kerry, Paul Eslinger and Bill Baker for all their work at the show analyzing and viewing all the exhibits and selecting the eventual award winning trees. It was not an easy task as the standard and quality of trees on display… Read more »