This year the accents followed a theme as spring has come early so many bulbs were in bloom so a very colourful display of accents on show. With over 60 accents throughout the exhibition you were spoilt for choice with selecting a winner and John Trott had the difficult task for this. He sponsors the accent award and was on hand to present the award to John Pitt for his gorgeous composition accent.

Davallia fern on a slate

An accent plant should add to the composition of the display and accentuate the tree on display. It should not draw the eye away but create a sense of harmony.

If using an accent plant or a companion plant it can be a fruiting or flowering plant. It can also be a fern, grass, moss or bamboo or even some mushrooms. Thought should go into the choice of accent as the species choice depends on the season, the style of the bonsai tree and many other factors including what kind and size of accent plant fits the design.