Steve McKee display

Congratulations to all those involved in hosting the 2nd International Magical Bonsai Accents Exhibition at Failand Village Hall, Bristol on Saturday 19th July as this was a great success and all who attended had a great day.

The event was a fabulous collection of some very fine examples of Kusamono, Kokedama, Shitakusa, Suiseki, scrolls, miniature bronzes and so much more that it was hard at times to know what to look at, let alone try to photograph.

In addition to a multitude of traders selling great merchandise from accent pots to accent plants, scrolls, bronze figurines and so many delectable items that you couldn’t help but want to buy something to add to your own collection.

Some of the traders included:-

Here are a range of images from the Magical Bonsai Accents exhibition and I hope you enjoy them.