Warminster Bonsai Society display was designed and selected by Clive Harber who is the show manager and supported by Clive Knight. He prepares the display well in advance of a show asking club members to bring in trees for the selection process prior to any exhibition to work out the most harmonious combination of trees for the space available.

Clive Harber setting up the Warminster Bonsai display

He also makes all the stands upon which the bonsai are presented and makes these to the correct size for the trees being displayed.

Tokonoma layout for the Club display

The tables were set out in a tokonoma format with a single tree, scroll and accent on each table divided by a bamboo cane. It is a clean and effective method for displaying larger bonsai.

Name cloth for exhibitions

This year a new addition was an embroidered name cloth, as a way of informing others who the display is by as opposed to a formal name plate or plinth approach.