Queens Park Family Fun Day

Another good day was spent at Queens Park, Swindon on Sunday the 24th July made even better with the improved weather. It saw the best attended fun day since it has started.

The small marquee was used and manned by

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We recently received an email from Bonsai Techno, based out of Tokyo looking to expand their network. They are mostly concerned with constructing modern bonsai. Having looked at the site I could not simply leave it at placing a URL on our Links page as the site is both beautifully crafted and contains some fantastic articles on making mini bonsai. I particularly enjoyed ‘How to make mini bonsai beech’ and ‘How to make a moss garden’

You’ll find them at http://www.bonsai-techo.jp/ 

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Malcolm Hughes 'Maples'

Malcom Hughes gave a very informative talk for our club night and I managed to gleen 10 pages of notes from the talk and here is a summary of the main points that were discussed regarding maples.

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1st place: Musk Maple 'Premna Microphylla' BB

1st place: Musk Maple 'Premna Microphylla' BB

A change from the usual format, Tree of the Month has been separated from Malcolm Hughe’s talk for your special delectation. Enjoy

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As part of our 10th Anniversary year celebrations, the Swindon & District Bonsai Society are pleased to announce that at our 2012 Winter Image show, to be held on the 19th February, will feature an exciting new exhibit Section.

This special exhibit section of the show will be organised in conjunction with the British Shohin Association (BSA), and will feature a top class Shohin and Mame Bonsai display show and competition, featuring some of the best Shohin Bonsai in the UK.

There will be no single trees exhibits, and all displays will contain a minimum of two trees. This competition will be open to BSA members and non-members alike. All the exhibit tables will be pre-prepared, fully covered and complete with background screens to ensure a consistent high standard of display throughout. Trophies will be awarded for the Best Shohin display and also the Best Mame display.

Please send details of each of the display(s) that you’d like to submit for consideration for entry into the show to the Chairman, Paul at contact@swindon-bonsai.co.uk as soon as possible please, and no later than the 1st December 2011.

The details you need to submit for each display are:-

  • a photograph of the whole display
  • details of each of the tree species and height from soil level
  • overall width of the whole display in cm.

NB Please note that as a guide the Mame size limit will be approximately 10cm from soil surface and the Shohin size limit will be approximately 25cm from soil surface.

Also new for this show will be a separate hall for demonstrations and lectures. We have already enlisted Tony Tickle (Creating a show Escallonia), John Armitage (Shohin Clinic) and Ritta Cooper (Accent plants and Kusamono etc.) and there will be more to follow. Further announcements will be made as more activities are confirmed. We will also publish a list of the top UK traders who will be attending, and we plan to have a larger number and greater variety of traders than in previous years.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Swanborough Conifers

If you want nursery stock conifers for bonsai, particularly unusual and rare varieties then the place to go is Swanborough Conifers in Woodborough near Pewsey. It is owned and run by Mark Harvey who is a master of grafting

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John Armitage

John Armitage is somewhat of a celebrity in the bonsai world and quite rightly so, his advice is always carefully considered and well placed. The club has had a few workshops with John, the reason we keep having them is because the club always gets a lot out of them and this time was no exception.

The highlight of today for me was

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Baobab tree

I have recently come across yet another fascinating book by Thomas Pakenham on the most remarkable Baobab tree and for all those who have an interest in trees, this is one very special tree. It is a living monument,

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