Funeral:- Kingsdown Crematorium,  Kingsdown Road, Swindon, SN25 6SG at 1030 am Monday the 9th Jan 2023.

It’s with sadness that I have to post that Dennis died in Swindon Hospital on the 16th December following a fall.. No details are known about his funeral at the moment, as soon as we are aware I will update this post. Dennis was a long standing member of the club and in May 2017 made a lifetime member. He will be sadly missed.

Our December meeting had a Christmas theme. We held a decorate your bonsai tree, instead of our usual tree of the month competition. Of course, we still held a competition for the best decorated tree using our in-house voting system.

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  1. Best Visiting Club/Society
  2. Best Deciduous Display
  3. Best Evergreen Display
  4. Best Shohin Display
  5. Best Tree/Pot Combination, sponsored by Walsall Studio Ceramics
  6. Best Accent in Any Display, sponsored by Mendip Bonsai Studio and judged by John Trott

Note: As all displays are Tokonoma based within a 6-foot defined area, the judges will be taking into account the whole display.

The main Judges will award numbers 1 – 5, number 6 is judged and awarded by John Trott.

Once the judges have decided the award, it will be placed with the tree and photographed with the owner, there is no Presentation Ceremony, saving time so the visitors can view the displays for longer and allowing the awards to be on the tables soonest, so the visitors to the show know which display has won what. Awards of Merit may also be placed on the tables with the appropriate display.

Shohin size will be approx 20 cm from soil.

Tonight was all about wiring and Mark Kerry did a talk on the principles of wiring followed by one-to-one guidance on wiring specific club members’ trees to aid with their own wiring.

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Daryl Cogavin has for a while been producing quality bonsai scrolls with her own artistic style…….. much better than me with my chubby sticks. Her web site is

Click the images to inlarge………….. She has now decided to put extend her range of goods and branch out [see what I did there!!! Have you twigged yet] and reproduce owners trees into an Ink Drawing. You will see at the top, a comparison and a very good image.

This was done from a photograph of the tree, so you don’t even need to drive around the UK with the tree, so that she can reproduce it. Anyone wishing to have a tree drawing can contact her via her web site to discuss tree/size of picture/prices……………….. don’t forget it will be Christmas soon and our other halfs never know what to get us??????

When finished they can be posted to you with a backing board, ready for you to get framed if you wish.

Tonight was another excellent lively discuss filled club night with lots of new members and new trees to talk about. Everyone was working on or discussing their bonsai trees and a lot of shared knowledge and information was being passed on.

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The Saturday workshop was excellent with Chris Thomas and the day flew by with bonsai trees of all species and sizes being worked upon. Here is a selection of the bonsai trees being developed.

Acer palmatum development

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