Trees are a passion for so many people across the world and here are some inspirational trees that I have seen on my travels that guide the types of bonsai trees I want to design or already have in my collection.

The majestic nature of trees makes them so very appealing, their longevity; ability to provide medicinal properties and the list goes on, as there are so many benefits for trees in the world of all shapes, sizes and species.

One of the brilliant things about keeping bonsai as an arboriculturalist is that you can study them more in depth from the science right through to the aesthetics but just on a smaller scale. It is easier to do root examinations, look at the different root types and how the soil type affects root development as this can be changed as easily as anything just by repotting. You can study the effects of nutrients as you can measure the quantities provided to the tree and the resulting affects as the bonsai is in a pot in more of a controlled environment. So lots of fun as a hobby and also as a method of developing your knowledge further in the subject.

For more details see an earlier posts called Design from Nature or Nature as inspiration for more ideas along the same lines.

Sources of more information around trees includes

Some great books to inspire also

  • Meetings with remarkable trees by Thomas Pakenham
  • Remarkable Trees of the World by Thomas Pakenham
  • The Remarkable Baobab by Thomas Pakenham
  • In Search of Remarkable Trees by Thomas Pakenham
  • Trees that shape the world by Tom Petherick
  • Fantastic trees by Edwin A. Menninger
  • Trees in the wild by Gerald Wilkinson
  • The Heritage trees of Britain and Northern Ireland by Jon Stokes and Donald Rogers
  • Tree Talk by Marie-France Boyer
  • Champion trees of Britain and Ireland by Dr Owen Johnson & The Tree Register