Visiting Lodder Bonsai and buying new trees to add to your bonsai collection or even if you are just starting one is so much fun.

We have spent a lot of time, well days looking around the bonsai nursery selecting and reselecting trees to add to our trolley. If you have never been then it is well worth a trip to Lodder Bonsai at Hugo de Vriesweg 1, 3481 JA Harmelen, Nederland and they are open most days and welcome visitors.

It is such a pleasure to spend time browsing through a few 1,000 trees selecting ones that catch your eye or stand out from the crowd. The nursery is expansive and each area is climate controlled to ensure the trees are kept in the correct conditions for the species as some require warmer conditions than others.

You can choose from both tropical and outdoor bonsai and they have all sizes from Mame, Shohin, Chuhin and large bonsai trees in a wide set of price ranges to suit the size of your budget. The atmosphere and environment is relaxed and conducive to bonsai shopping with extremely helpful staff at hand to advise and guide as you need.

If you are looking for one special high quality bonsai or wholesale volumes of bonsai then Lodder Bonsai is the place for you as it caters for all your bonsai and garden tree needs. This is certainly one shopping experience where a shopping trolley or two comes in very handy and it is a fun activity to shop here for your next bonsai tree whether it is starter material or a more developed bonsai tree or something for your garden.

If you want anything specific just contact Gerrit Lodder on +31(0)348 446 046 or e-mail and he will send you photos and prices of any of the bonsai trees or garden trees in stock at your request. He can organise delivery too should you need it to the UK and it’s a great place to buy all the materials you would need if you fancy setting up a Japanese garden as the quality and range of styled garden trees is excellent.


While you are there if you visit you can also look for bonsai pots, stands, tools, stock up on soils and all your bonsai accessories and sundries. If you are unable to visit though you can also order online via their webshop.

We also took the opportunity to purchases some bonsai trees at Lodders for our forth coming Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 26th February 2017 as well as some other items for the raffle so don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets on the day for your chance to win.

If you are interested in planning a trip to Lodder Bonsai then why not go for their Open House weekend which is on the 11th and 12th March 2017 and well worth a visit. See some of the previous posts below for more insights into the Bonsai Nursery and Open weekend.

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