This year we again found some stunning bonsai to buy from Lodder bonsai to add to our collections. It is such a pleasure to spend time pursuing through a few thousand trees selecting ones that catch your eye.


You can choose from both tropical and outdoor bonsai and they have all price ranges to suit the size of your budget. The atmosphere and environment is conducive to bonsai shopping with extremely helpful staff at hand to advise and guide as you need.


If you are looking for one special high quality bonsai or wholesale volumes of bonsai then Lodders is the place for you as it caters for all your tree needs.


If you want anything specific just e-mail Gerrit ( and he will send you photos and prices of any of the bonsai trees or garden trees in stock at your request.

Garden trees_3

He can organise delivery too should you need it and it’s a great place to buy all the materials you would need if you fancy setting up a Japanese garden as the quality and range of styled garden trees is excellent.


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