For a conifer overload visit Swanborough Conifers in Woodborough near Pewsey. Mark Harvey runs specialist conifer tree nursery where you will be enraptured by the range of varieties of conifer available to buy which Mark has carefully grafted and grown on himself. The nursery is open on a Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm but it is advisable to phone before visiting and it is well worth a visit.


Starter material for bonsai

An excellent selection of larger more established and mature material for the more adventurous bonsai enthusiast.

If you are wanting something special in the conifer line then contact Mark as he has some very unusual varieties of small needle Larch and Pine in particular as well as so much more. Plus if you want a great garden tree then why not consider a conifer as there are so many to choose from and they look great all year round.

Grafted conifer stock of so many of different species

Field grown nursery stock

You will be amazed at the sheer diversity of the conifer, and what can be achieved through grafting. It is incredible and the results of Marks specialist skill and technique for grafting speaks for itself when you wander around the nursery.

Conifers come in all shapes, sizes and colours with a multitude of textures from the soft and lush to the spiky and spindly. They can be round and smooth or triangular and hold a great shape as they mature.

They are often overlooked in favour of broadleaved trees but there is a conifer for everyone and everywhere, its just a question of selecting the right one.