Here are some pictures of the September 2010 workshop with John Armitage at Swindon & District bonsai club which was great fun and very informative. For more information about John visit his blog at:

Hinoki cypress bonsai

Japanese cypress or Hinoki Cypress or false cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa ) is a species of cypress that is native to central Japan. It is an important timber tree and is considered sacred by Shintos. It comes from the family of Cupressaceae which is part of the False cypresses. The genus is Chamaecyparis and the species is Obtusa meaning blunt leaves. In June, a club night was devoted to working on Hinoki cypress and a brief video showing work in progress is posted below.

Hinoki cypress workshop video

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John Armitage workshop 2009

Bonsai workshops area a great way to increase your ever growing knowledge of bonsai and a good place to share ideas and discuss your trees with others. In 2009 John Armitage was invited to host a workshop for the Swindon and District Bonsai club which was very well attended and very informative. It was an excellent day and John helped individuals with their trees and gave them ideas on how to develop their trees further. Here is a selection of pictures from the day.

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White Pine in December 2006 where last years needles have been removed and limited branch thinning carried out

Here is one of our members White Pine trees and this is a brief series of pictures showing its development since 1995.

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