Shohin bonsai are a size of bonsai which are around 20 cm or 8 inches in height and are larger than mame. They are a very popular size of bonsai more recently and easy to transport and usually displayed as part of a set of trees as opposed to as individuals. The overall actual dimensions can vary but generally it relates to trees that look balanced in shape and size for the style and generally small.
During a recent shopping trip to Holland to Lodder Bonsai bv we saw a good selection of shohin bonsai for sale of a range of species and styles as well as trees requiring more development to those which were higher quality shohin. If you are keen to get into Shohin then visit the British Shohin Association website for more details.

If you are wanting to buy shohin bonsai then head over to Holland for the weekend on March 12 (Saturday) and 13 (Sunday), as Lodder Bonsai bv and Hoka-en will hold their annual Open House. They have prepared an interesting programme during these 2 days. Demonstrations on Saturday by Vaclav Novak and on Sunday by Hotsumi Terakawa; a bonsai exhibition by the members of bonsai club Shoryukai.

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