Ancient trees

Have you seen an Ancient tree or veteran tree recently, well if not have a closer look at bonsai trees, as many of these are like miniature replicas of ancient and veteran trees in nature. If you are a fan of old trees then join in the Ancient tree hunt and help get these fantastic trees recorded. If you want to know where to find and visit ancient trees visit the woodland trust website for maps and more details and this is a great way to get inspiration for your bonsai too. You can also go on the Ancient tree forum for further guidance and advice on ancient trees and to get involved with protecting them as well. Here are a few pictures of bonsai trees and ancient trees to hopefully inspire you and get out into the countryside and meet them.

For more details see an earlier posts called Design from Nature or Nature as inspiration or Bonsai inspiration for more ideas along the same lines.

Useful links for where to see Ancient trees

Sources of more information around trees includes

Some great books to inspire also

  • Meetings with remarkable trees by Thomas Pakenham
  • Remarkable Trees of the World by Thomas Pakenham
  • The Remarkable Baobab by Thomas Pakenham
  • In Search of Remarkable Trees by Thomas Pakenham
  • Trees that shape the world by Tom Petherick
  • Fantastic trees by Edwin A. Menninger
  • Trees in the wild by Gerald Wilkinson
  • The Heritage trees of Britain and Northern Ireland by Jon Stokes and Donald Rogers
  • Tree Talk by Marie-France Boyer
  • Champion trees of Britain and Ireland by Dr Owen Johnson & The Tree Register