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July Tree of the Month

This month was a well attended tree of the month with ten entries. Here are the trees that were in this months competition.

Bonsai Photography night

This evening the club held a photographic night to learn more about the art of photographing their own and other bonsai trees. Mark Cooper gave an overview on the general rules and guidelines on how to achieve good results and a general discussion followed on types of cameras, the use of additional light and flashes… Read more »

June Tree of the Month

There were four trees entered into tree of the month and the winning tree was a fabulous Siberian Elm.

May tree of the month

This months tree of the month was won by a Scots Pine and they owner also brought in two images of the tree in its earlier stages of development to show its progress.

April tree of the month

This month was the first tree of the month for this year and it was well attended and in 1st place was a Cotoneaster root over rock, in 2nd place a flowering Crab Apple and in 3rd place was a Hawthorn.

April Club night

Tonights meeting was primarily focused on reviewing the accents that we all made back in August 2011 during the Kusamono and Shitakusa evening with Ritta Cooper.

Exhibiting at shows and show preparation

It is now only 5 days before our Winter Image Show this Sunday and Paul B gave an update on the final preparations and we discussed the last remaining arrangements and set up times. This was then followed by a talk firstly from Terry Adams on how to prepare your bonsai trees for a show… Read more »

Tree of the month

  This month there were six entries for tree of the month including Korean Hornbeams, Deshojo maple, Chinese Elm, Siberian Elm and a Forsythia. ┬áThe winning tree was a mame Korean Hornbeam, followed in second place by a Chinese Elm and in third place a Forsythia.