There was a good selection of bonsai traders at the Bonsai Exposition in Neuville-saint-Rémy in France this weekend. Some beautiful bonsai pots, bonsai trees and other bonsai sundries were on sale.

Here are a few of the traders that were present.

L’Atelier De Gérald créateur de tablettes  (Bonsai stands)

Terre en Vadrouille (Bonsai pots)

Greg-Ceramics and Grégory Delattre (Bonsai pots)

Arjan Rietbergen of Bonsai hoek and Tibolars-RS (Bonsai sundries)

LR – René Lecocq from Belgium (Bonsai pots)

Brigitte Gruson-Vermaut of L’Atellier des Mazures (Bonsai pots)

Jean-Pierre Timmermans of Bonsai Garden

André Callaert of Bonsai Callaert

Other traders included Calligraphy, Origami, wooden toys and carvings including Orchids for sale and also bonsai tools.