English Elm at Chelsea May 2011

Here is a short photo history of a Bonsai English Elm tree that started out as a root sucker from a mature Elm tree that was cut down in the winter of 1968. The tree was felled not because of any disease at that time but for a new housing development. The resulting felling caused a massive onset of of growth to form from the main trunk at ground level and this was the beginning of how this root sucker then became a bonsai tree.

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Mature Prunus mume white flowering

Prunus mume (Japanese apricot) is often over looked, not just as a bonsai but as a plant or tree in the UK. This is one of my favourite times of year. The annual winter show has been and gone and everyone is busy repotting for the upcoming season. This is a frantic time of activity as the days start to get lighter again.

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Best Mame in Show

Best Mame in Show (Japanese Black Pine height 10 cm)

The 6th Annual British Shohin Association Show was held at Willowbog Bonsai, Northumberland. You will find the full Show Report here

Best Shohin Display

Best Shohin Display: Mark and Ritta Cooper

British Shohin Association Shohin'Off

Best Mame Composition

British Shohin Association Shohin'Off

Walsall Ceramics suiban, Henk Frensen bronze

The 6th Annual British Shohin Association Show The 6th Annual British Shohin Association Show
Sally May and Hornbeam

The Independent newspaper are running an article on Bonsai enthusiasts in the UK. You may have noted if you were at our winter show this year, Dan Burn-Forti a freelance photographer was taking portraits for the piece and they’ve come out just great. The article is in today’s paper, I recommend you grab

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Aldi Sieves

Garden sieves went on special at Aldi today (for a limited time) perfect for separating out the particle sizes of your Akadama, Kiryu, Pumice and such like. They are £4.99 each so a bit of bargain, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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This year our Winter Image Show was sponsored by John Pitt and he also put on a stunning display at the show too of three of his amazing Blackthorns (Prunus spinosa). They are all crafted from collected material (Yamadori) from various mountainous regions of Wales and he collected them around 18 years ago and the ramification he has achieved on them is exquisite.

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Winning accent by Ian Warhurst of Wirral Bonsai Society

There were a range of fabulous accents on display at our show and here is a brief gallery showing some of them that I captured on the day…

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The following collection of images were all taken at our Winter Image Show and are the individual elements of the superb Shohin and Mame displays. I have tried to include at least one tree or more from each display so  you can see the trees up close and personal and they are in no particular order.

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